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The Best Front and Rear Dash Cam For Your Car


Technology has advanced quickly, with there now being an accessory for cars to document your rides whether on the road or when parked! This is what you call a front and rear dash cam. It videos everything as you drive along, which is best if ever an accident occurs, so as to know who is at fault or to see the whole story behind it. Plus, it’s fun filming during long drives with loved ones as well. But the question is: What is the best front and rear dash cam to get? Here, we review 3 different front and rear dash cams for you to decide:

Blackvue New 2 Channel

Blackvue New 2 Channel

With the Blackvue New 2 Channel, you can record videos in both your front and rearview mirrors. Not only that, but you can also install their app on your smartphone, where you can watch the videos that were taken with it. It’s got a built in GPS device to help navigate your car, so you know it is no matter. Plus, it comes in three shooting modes: Parking, event, and drive!

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iGuerburn Full HD 1080P

iGuerburn Full HD 1080P

This has got outstanding picture quality with lenses coming from Sony Japan. No matter what the weather condition is, you are able to see the videos clearly, no matter the light or place. It’s small and compact, plus it’s waterproof! You can even take photos with it during a road trip with loved ones as well. It’s packed with a lot of features, such as motion detection, parking assistance, even a sensor that protects your videos from deleting.

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Falcon Zero F360 Dual Dash Cam


This is an affordable dual camera that is very easy to use, with cameras that are rotatable to 180 degrees. It produces high quality videos that can shoot in all angles, so you’re able to see everything around your car. It’s even got night vision, so you’re able to capture videos anytime, anywhere. It’s got its own built-in battery, and though it lasts for less than an hour, you are still able to plug it in your car’s adaptor.

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Choosing the Best Front and Rear Dash Cam

Front and rear dash cams are a necessity for vehicle owners to document their rides. It’s best to video what’s happening along the road in order to have a full report in case you witness an accident, or become part of one. That way, you’ll know who is at fault and how to settle the dispute.

With the many brands and models available, it may be difficult to choose the best front and rear dash cam for your vehicle. Here are some factors to consider when choosing a front and rear dash cam:

  • Video Quality. The video quality is the most important because how will you be able to properly document your drive without the quality video? Look for one that produces sharp and clear videos without fail.
  • Features. It’s best to have one with good features that can be put to good use. Look for one with a good and durable body, as well as one that has a stable battery life.
  • Price. Your budget filters your choices. Look for one that is suitable to your price range but is still able to do the job of capturing quality videos.

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